Camera bags with space for a Junior Circa? Tamrac Rally 4 vs 5?

This forum has been pretty dead, but just in case anyone is still reading...

I just got a new DSLR and I love it, and I want to try to use it more, which means carrying it around with me more. For days when I have my laptop with me anyway (like when I'm going to class - there are a lot of photo opportunities on campus) I got a Tamrac Rally 7 bag which I really like.

However, it's a bit big for everyday use, so I'm considering something a bit more "purse" sized also. The thing is, to simplify my life, I'd like to be able to carry my camera plus the standard purse essentials (wallet, keys, phone) plus a Junior sized Circa planner with 1 inch discs, and I'm having trouble finding a bag that would be JUST big enough for that without being TOO big. (To complicate things, I really do not want a camera bag that LOOKS like a camera bag.)

I'm wondering if anyone has either of the smaller Tamrac Rally bags (or something similar) and if they think there'd be a good pocket for the Junior planner to fit into. (The Rally 5 has a netbook padded section which I'm sure would work, but it's a bit bigger than the Rally 4. The Rally 4 has an outside pocket that the planner MIGHT fit into... And I can't find either at a local store to just take my planner and see if it'll fit.)

If I have to, I'll just bite the bullet and order one and return it if it doesn't work, but I figured it was worth asking around a little first.

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Nice bags.

Silly question: Is there a retailer near you that sells them ? If so, I am sure they would have no problem with you coming in with your camera and notebook and doing some test fitting. Tough to make a call from cataog pictures.
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I haven't been able to find a local store.

Doesn't mean there isn't one, of course, just that they're perhaps being stealthy. We used to have several in the city, and now I only know of one place, and they mostly sell frames/framing services/photo album type things these days.

It seems like photography equipment sales have largely shifted to online retailers so there aren't really any local photo shops any more. The ones that do exist either don't have a lot in stock because they can't afford the inventory, or you can go to places like Best Buy or Target where the equipment is just a fraction of what they sell, and you can either take or leave what they've got.

(Meanwhile, I can't imagine buying something like a nice tripod without being able to play with it in person first to see how it actually feels and handles. Yeah, most places have good return policies, but then you're buying and returning and buying and returning... it's a hassle even if they cover the return shipping. If they don't, that adds up.)

Anyway, the Rally 7 IS a really nice bag. It feels very well made, I love the options for adjusting the partitions in the camera section, and it's not super-heavy empty like some bags can be, so you're not weighed down by the bag even before you put anything into it. (My only complains are I'd like a few more small pockets - maybe little mesh ones on the inside of the flap of the front zip-open section - and a pocket on the strap itself for my phone. But the latter is purely personal preference and I'll probably just rig something up myself to solve that problem. :) )

For college use, I've also picked up a couple of pencil bag/box type things that fit neatly into one of the padded compartments where a spare lens would normally go. They help corral extra pens/pencils/random small items nicely. I actually carry an excess of spare pens and pencils because somehow I got this reputation as being someone who always has a spare, even though the spares I carry for MY use are pretty nice pens, so I like to have a few that I can loan out where it won't make me cry inside if it doesn't come home.

I also REALLY like that it doesn't scream 'I am a camera/laptop bag' like some designs do. It just looks like a plain old messenger style bag - just with a bit more structure than some because of the interior padding. (Which also means it stands up very nicely if you sit it on the floor. No flopping or sliding over!)

Now if only they'd make them in a wider range of colors. :)

If all else fails, I'll just call one of the online retailers that carry the bags and see if any of them will do a test-fit for me. I'm sure they could find something that's approximately the right size, like a book. Not ideal, but better than nothing. :)

never mind

never mind