Something Up My Sleeve

innowen's giving up her Thursday slot to give John Norris the spotlight. Once again, he's back with more envelope pushing D*I*Y Planner goodness.

This time it's a planner for your wrist.

OK, all those who write on their hands, raise them up!

Don't be shy...

What? Too cheap for a wrist PDA? Think D*I*Y Planner technology for your hand is a joke or worse?(sfw)

Well, suffer no more! Read on to find out more about this wonderful device and where you can get it.

Do you find yourself on the road with no place to put a planner?
Are you doing activities that require you to stick to a schedule?
Why not wear your schedule around your wrist! There's no better reminder than having it right there in front of you, where you can see it.

The Mission Band is not bulky and requires very little upkeep. It's always there to tickle reminders of what you should be doing with your time. It's just big enough for some quick notes for what you need to do. And it's stylish. Good taste, style and planning go very well together.

So, here's the latest planning fashion for Fall. A little something for everyone, and for those who embrace the Do It Yourself spirit, permission to make it your own:

The Mission Band at John's Hipster Lab.

Don't get caught sitting on your planner.

(This message brought to you by John Norris of John's Hipster Lab. 2006)

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What papers do you recommend? A tyvek would be nice, but expensive and possibly quite difficult to print on.

To Boldly Go...

As far as I am aware one cannot print on Tyvek with a 'normal' inkjet. How about trying inkjet overhead projector film?


Hmmm... perhaps one could acquire a boat load of unused hospital bracelets and use these templates as the inserts. Get up in the morning, write on your template, install it in bracelet, put bracelet on wrist, go forth and conquer! At the end of the day, just cut that day's bracelet off and store it (or auction it off on eBay if you are a celebrity).

Paper Types

Yup, I tried a few papers and things, but decided to go with this just to get the idea out there ... plus it works!

I wanted a planner you could write on, at least write on part of it, during the day. I liked having it stay round, like a bangle bracelet. Since no paper I had around was stiff enough, I folded it around a loop of plastic.

But this thing is ripe for experimentation- Slap Bracelets, wider bands, multiple papers, decorations, more sophisticated holders, etc...

Some sort of reusable dry

Some sort of reusable dry erase type of idea would be great, if you could find a way to keep the writing from getting wiped off until you want it to be. A slap bracelet that would also lie flat would be good... hmmmmmmmm...

Tyvek Info

FYI - I have a HP 5500PS that can print on Tyvek in my store.

Tyvek; He's not a Vulcan...

Thank you for the info, James. May I ask a couple of questions?

1/ Do you know if your printer uses standard or UV inks?

2/ Will you tell us (the D*I*Y community) where we can find your store?


Ink and Location Info

My HP runs on UV inks. I am currently located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I think I'm going to try one of these this weekend.

Curious on the result

I (we all) will be curious how it turns out, and if it is a good solution!

Thanks for giving it a try.


Tyvek results coming...

I had a banner project that used up my Tyvek over the weekend but I have more on the way. Results will be posted later this week.

My favorite idea on this is...

My personal favorite about this idea is the potential to collect and trade planners. You can swap them with your friends and cowerkers and see JUST how green it really is on the otherside of the fence.

Also, think of the family potential these bands have. This is a great idea to remind kids about things they need to do. No more pinning notes to their chest... just wrap one of these customized babies over their arm and let them show just how organized and cool they can be at 5!

Thanks for providing us with wacky and wild planner ideas John. Can't wait to see what else is up yer sleeves.


What about hospital wrist bands?

hit and type in "hospital wrist band." Colored ones! 100 of 'em for $46. :)

Sorry, too bulky for me.

I want a Ringster -- an organizer you can wear on a single finger.

Of course, you probably will have to add a magnifying glass to the gizmos on your keychain....

Why not take it a step further?

And wear a ringster on each finger?? :D