WWP Weekly Wardrobe Plan

I know..... WWP is reminiscent of FDR and the alpahbet agencies but so what. I am a pen and paper journal guy and I love this site but I need some design advice. I am a planner and organizer beyond belief which translates to menu planning, financial planning, exercise routine timetables, PDA with alarms, mobile with text for my euro friends, the hipster in my jacket pocket and the online messages for my family. It works for me. I know what to take where. I can row on the Charles at 5 am EST and still make dinner at Rialto at 8pm EST. The problem is: clothes! I really need a hipster page that plans what to wear every day. It needs to be flexible and probably tied into the weather. Can anyone help?

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Use a Weekly Planner Page

My suggestions would be to use the KISS principle and keep it simple. Use a weekly planner page to jot down your clothing for a week (or a menu for those that plan that far ahead). Maybe use another (or the same) weekly planner page to jot down the forecast for the week.

My very organized sister

My very organized sister uses an ordinary wall-type calendar hung on her closet door. Each work day she notes what she wore to work (such as: black garbardine skirt, blue/green fish print blouse, black sweater vest.) This lets her look back to see that she's not wearing any outfit to excess. Also helps her avoid wearing any one outfit often on the same day of the week -- it could be embarassing if you only see a particular client on Tuesdays, and they start to get the impression you only have two outfits that you alternate.

She also uses it to note when to pick up drycleaning, plus reminders of repairs or new items she wishes she had.

Kind of basic, but, do you really need to carry around your clothes planning info? Having that info at the point you are actually dressing seems most important to me.