WTB: Zip folio (letter) and 1" aluminum discs

Fat chance I'll get these items used, I know, but since new from Levenger blows my spending plan, I thought I'd at least give a try here.

I like black or green (old stock color) for the folio, and silver for the discs.

(What I'd really like is a zipped folio made from ballistic ripstop that will take a notebook, but I haven't found anything.)

I can pay through PayPal. If you're reading this months from now, chance are I won't have found anything yet, so do contact me if you're ready to part with these things.

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There are two Letter Zip Folios on eBay at the moment

However, I am not sure they can handle one-inch discs. The description on Levenger.com says 3/4" discs.

You might also look for Franklin-Covey Monarch (letter) size zipper binder. I found that the rings on these binders are held in by two Allen bolts. They are easy to remove without destroying anything.

As for the discs, there is one set on eBay.

Go for it !
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Thanks. I get a feed from ebay for just these items, but missed them.

Now I put a spell all readers of this thread: You will *not* bid on these, or "Anura Transofmalia" -- into a frog you shall transform! (If that works, let me know.)

The FC Monarch seems to be a less expensive and more available option. Here's one on ebay now.

But I'm going to wait & see if I can get lucky with a Circa zip folio.

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ebay search: "levenger

ebay search: "levenger master zip folio" -No quotation marks

To accommodate 1" rings, you need the master zip folio. From what I've read is they're disappointing due to not laying flat when open.

There is one available now listed as a "buy it now" for $59 (listed as cover only with slight damage). It won't break the bank anyway. You can go to Staples and get an Arc vinyl notebook for $10 bucks. It will come with the 3/4" discs however.

Another search for: "(jumbo,large) (levenger,rollabind)" -No quotation marks

That will yield several auctions for 1" discs (as well as some 3/4"). Jumbo Rollabind discs are 1" and large Levenger discs are 1" if I am not mistaken. I didn't see any aluminum discs today. I saw some recently however. If you are patient, they will be listed again.


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1" discs and the zip folio

"liz_n_catz" says here that this combo worked fine for her. Are you speaking from your own experience?

Yes, I also wish the Levenger zip folio lay flat. I wish to find a folio that I like to look at which will take a notebook. The Levenger product seems to be the closest to fine.

I have RSS feeds for several disc notebook searches--very easy to glance at (and to miss).
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
- Albert E.

Not from experience with the

Not from experience with the zip folio. I have the Levenger Master Folio (black leather letter with no zipper and 1.5" discs), a Levenger fold over folio (black leather letter with 1" discs), and an Renaissance Art leather cover (wrap with d-ring closure classic with 1.5"). I use the Renaissance Art cover for my planner and everyday carry items. It is great for my purposes. I couldn't ask for a better and more durable cover.

The two Levenger items I use for organization and order. I also have numerous other Levenger, Rolla, and Arc covers for organization. Great system. Sure makes life manageable. My recommendation for everyday planner carry would be Renaissance Art. They might be considered pricey but I think for something carried daily it is a small price to pay for how great it works, looks, and holds up.

"Blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape." Anonymous

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