I have been coming here and looking around for a couple weeks. Recently, my computer broke. I have gotten so used to keeping and doing everything on my computer, that without it I was suddenly lost.

My thought process...
What am I supposed to do today? I hope we don't have any upcoming appointments. How am I supposed to pay the bills? I can't mail that form to the step-son for his college scholarship because his address was on my computer. My mother-in-law, she can always be counted on! Do you know why? Because she still uses paper, but she's old. Yes, and will not always be around to bail you out. Oh yeah. Maybe I should start using paper.

And thus my search for help began.

I have an old Day Runner that I quit using back 1999. I really liked it's layout and format, but quit using it because it was a bit too small, the refills were too costly and not always easily obtainable locally. When I started shopping online for refills I found this site! I had a 1" Classic size binder lying around unused, and lots of printer paper mostly used by our daughter to draw on. Using the format of my old Day Runner, I made out an upcoming appointment schedule for the next 8 weeks. I went through about 20 sheets of printer paper (and the ink) before I finally got the setup all worked out, but now I have a useable template to work with and a saved copy in my email. I can access it from the library if need be!

I still have some things to get, dividers and such, and I would really like a paper cutter/guillotine now. All in due time.

I just wanted to pop in to say thank you too all the members, contributers, and the genius or geniouses that set this site up.


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