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DIY Portfolios: Showing Your Best to Clients

Portfolios are a great way to show off your best to potential clients and new job prospects. I've been out of work since last November (by choice) and recently finished a small writing contract for a local company. As I finished and was looking over my old writing portfolio, I thought about how outdated and unreflective of me and my work it seemed. There were no pieces from my last company and there were still some selections from college. So, this past weekend I decided it was time to give my portfolio a much needed upgrade and face-lift.

I have both an online (PDF) and offline portfolio that showcases my work. I wanted to show you what I did and what I found this weekend at Office Max that you can use to make a very nice and professional portfolio. If you haven't guessed, I'm rather pleased and excited as to how both turned out and wanted to show off. While I outline the steps to create a graphic design or technical writing portfolio, I'm sure that you can use these methods and steps to pull together a portfolio for any discipline.

Feeling vs. Thinking: The Head and Heart in Organizations

My picture nameMark and Tom both work in the same company. Mark stops and talks to everyone. People tell him things and he doesn’t know why. People find him friendly, willing to listen to their troubles and encouraging. Tom is quite different. He stays focused on his work, tends not to get involved in people's troubles, but tends to have a cleared desk by the end of the day. Tom thinks that a lot of Mark’s socializing is a waste of time, but he is sometimes envious that Mark knows and is liked by everyone. Mark thinks that Tom is too serious, but secretly is envious of his effectiveness and clear thinking. Each one thinks that he brings a lot of gifts to the company and has great hopes of great personal success.

However, who will be most effective in their job largely depends not so much on their own personality type, but on the personality type of the company. Is the company more thinking (logical) or feeling (values) oriented? This is a common problem for many people.

Writing at the Speed of Thought

I write. A lot. Sometimes I have to wonder why I don't actually call myself a professional writer and have done with it, seeing that almost everything I do for a living is tied into somehow stringing words together. And, as you've probably guessed by now, I spend a lot of my time navigating both digital and analog methods of doing things (as opposed to "getting things done," which lends a different perspective on matters), and I've formed some pretty strong opinions on the various ways of laying down these words into some sort of vaguely coherent and semi-articulate flow, and occasionally with some actual purpose in mind.

5 Things I Can't Do Without: My D*I*Y Desert Island Kit

My picture nameGreetings all. Well, I am excited by this assignment. When Doug asked me to write an article on the five organizational things I couldn't do without on a desert island, I responded: "Not now, I'm being indicted for impersonating an Elvis impersonator." But once I got that cleared up, I got very excited, because I enjoy difficult and ultimately meaningless challenges.

I'm not saying it's completely pointless, but let's face it: If you're stuck on a desert island, you're organizational priorities are going to change. So clearly some creativity is necessary here. With that in mind, here is my list:

The D*I*Y Planner Treasure Map Template
Goat Repellant
My Girlfriend Meghan
My Teddy Bear, Captain Nedashav
Chocholate Chip Cookies

Innowen's Top Five List

When Doug asked me about sharing my Top 5 Toys for inspiration, my mind started making the list. "Awesome idea," I said. At first I figured this was going to be really easy for me to do. But as I composed my list, I noticed it growing past 5. So, this is my top 5 list of current toys that help bring out my creative “gotta get it done” side.

Treasure Island...


As I read the e-mither a second time I was struck by a disapointing realisation; Doug had typed desert and not dessert island. My mind now focussed on something other than food I began to wonder; "if my briefcase didn’t contain sandwiches which five creato-productive(1) instruments would I fill it with"...

Sacha's Five Things

Here are my top five things for productivity and creativity. =)

  • Fountain pen
  • Moleskine notebook
  • Index cards
  • Cellphone
  • Happy socks

Read more for details!

Doug is offline (gasp!)

He wishes to inform you (in the third person, of course), that his cable Internet has been down for several days, and a borrowed dial-up connection is proving too flaky to be online for any more than a few minutes at a time. So if you're awaiting any sort of response, email, editing, submission approval, etc., please be patient. He should be back online in a couple of days, as he is well-assured he is "high on the priority list." (*cough*)

Doug: The Top Five List

Day Runner + D*I*Y PlannerThis week on DIYPlanner.com is going to be a little different. I've asked each of the writers the question, "What five items for enhancing your productivity and/or creativity can you not be without?" (I'm lumped productivity and creativity together, since for many of us there's a decided overlap.) I've also asked for explanations and tips for those items, so we can get a better glimpse of how those things are used.

For my list here, I'm not going to include a computer. These are so ubiquitous, and so necessary for most work in this day and age, that a computer has to be understood as a given. So, herewith, are my other top five items.