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D*I*Y Planner 3.0 (Classic/A5 Edition)

Do no evil...

Welcome to D*I*Y Planner 3.0 (Classic/A5 Edition), a set of free do-it-yourself templates, covers, documentation and other gear for creating your own highly customised paper planner system. A year in the making, this new version includes nearly 200 pages of forms covering life management, calendars, project planning, note-taking, health, finance, and even creative uses like writing, storyboards, and web design. With some basic supplies, the handbook, and a little elbow grease, you can create an ideal low-cost productivity system that meets almost every need.

Not Getting Things Done: Organizing Your Procrastination

My picture nameGreetings all, Steve here. Well, I've had a revelation about myself. Doug and the Monkeys (which would be an awesome name for a band) have been furiously nitpicking... sorry, "adjusting" all the templates for D*I*Y Planner Verion 3 in an attempt to bring it to the organisationally deprived masses (sound of cheers across the intersmut and Doug collapsing on his computer monitor). Doug's been constantly asking the Version 3 Team for suggestions and then immediately regretting it, as the Monkeys have an unbelievable number of suggestions. Really. I don't believe it. Everything from content, to legal waivers to template resizing, the Monkeys are in there suggesting things. It's quite amazing, really, the amount of work the Monkeys have put in on this project, but I think there's one thing they forgot, something that I believe is critical, not only to our working lives, but to our overall well-being: Organizing Our Procrastination.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

The D*I*Y Planner has crept in its petty pace long enough. 'Tis a tale told by a monkey, full of Mound bars and curry, signifying a verion 3.0 release tomorrow.

And an end to sleep deprivation, one hopes.

Divine Inspiration

Creative TarotCandlelight flickers and dances across the walls of the room. Wispy, light sounds of Japanese pipes drift through the incense smoke into your ears. A tiny woman, her head wrapped in a bright red and gold turban sits at a intimate wrought-iron table covered with a purple, silk table cloth. A white candle, its flame flickering; a palm sized crystal ball; and a pack of cards, the top card displaying the picture of a giant wheel; lay carefully positioned on the table's top. The woman beckons you to take a seat directly across from her. You take a seat as the woman waves her hand over the deck of cards and begins to shuffle them. As you stare at her, gauging her true intentions, the woman begins to position the cards onto the table in a careful layout. Then she begins to tell you your future as she describes how the cards and what each position relate to your life.

Tarot cards. One of the oldest means of exploring symbolism and your spot in the universe. A simple pack of 78 cards with a myriad assortment of images and cross-culture symbols painted on them, used as divination device by people all over the world. It contains a major arcana of 22 cards that seek to explain higher powers at work as well as a minor arcana composed of 4 suites corresponding to the 4 elements (wands, swords, cups and coins). Of course, there's a lot of tarot history I'm glossing over here but I just wanted to give you a small background on the cards. If you're curious about the tarot and want to learn more about its history, check out aeclectic.net and wikipedia's tarot page for more information about the tarot and variety of decks out there.

Extroverted Companies vs. Introverted Companies

Donald Trump vs Bill GatesMy mother was a very pleasant, bright, deeply introverted lady who was very faithful in her church attendance and in her support of its groups. Because of her regular participation, she was asked to be a member of the welcoming committee for our large church. Like all her jobs, she took it quite seriously. Without fail, she approached unfamiliar faces, asked them if they were new to the church, and made a point of welcoming them to the fellowship.

She came home chuckling one day because of an encounter with a stranger. She told us that, as usual, she had introduced herself to a woman and asked her if she was new to the church. "Actually, I'm not new," the woman replied. "I have been coming here for twenty-three years."

People in business often make the same mistake. A deeply introverted person may be put in charge of reaching out to the customer base, doing the relationship marketing, and it just doesn’t work. There is quite a difference between the way that extroverts and introverts function in business.

Will You Be My Valentine? Form

For asking someone to be your Valentine, if you're too shy ;)

Usage advice: 

I promise, this is the last Valentine's related Tuesday post for this month. ;)

If you feel too shy to ask someone to be your valentine or that someone has been teasing you about your D*I*Y Planner obsession, print out this card (scale it down to Hipster size or use it as a Classic one), put it in your planner, and give it to that person next time you see him or her. =)

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Creative Commons
Applications required: 
PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview)

Planning With Metaphors

Indiana JonesGreetings all. I appologize, once again, for the lateness of this post. I rented the first 3 seasons of 24 and tried to watch them all this weekend. I kinda didn't get the point there, I guess. Who knew that each season of 24 actually took... 24 hours to watch? I mean, I didn't get that. That was 72 hours over all. Um, time kinda got away on me, there...yeah.

Anyway, this past week I got a new job in Vancouver, teaching English as a Second Language. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I decided to teach my classes about metaphors, using one concept to replace another. Apparently most Asian languages don't use metaphors and it was a little tricky to get the point across. We were watching t.v. and movies and talking about the metaphors in the stories. Actually, it went pretty well and it got me to thinking that maybe the same concept could be used for organisation.

Talking to Your Muse

Me: Hey Muse... feeling uninspired today. You wanna help me out here and cut me some slack.

Muse: What’s up? Stuck again? How can I help you more? I’ve already given you lots of ideas for stories and artwork.

Me: I know, but I need some advice on how to write this article. For some reason it’s not going the way I want it.

Getting Along: Judging vs Perceiving

My picture nameI once heard of a head of a major corporation who used to say proudly to his associates, "I may have my faults, but I am able to make decisions." Apparently that was something of which he was quite proud. To him, it seemed to mean that unlike others who would dither between two choices, he was "the man". He could settle any confusion with a firm decision. The problem, according to reports I heard, is that he often made preemptive decisions which were not necessary, and which only made things worse.

He was proud of his ability to decide, but wasn't aware that this came naturally because of his personality type, rather than being a virtue that made him better than other people. Such people in business, as well as at home, can appear arbitrary and unrealistically confident.