Drupal Help Wanted

I'm in the midst of receiving our furniture and household items that have finally made the 8000 km trek from Newfoundland, so you'll have to forgive me if I'm brief... I'm by myself, moving literally tonnes of boxes in preparation for the flooring people who are about to come by.

Our hosting provider has contacted me to give me due warning: if we continue to take up such a large percentage of their server CPU, we will be dropped or moved over to a shared server plan that costs ten times the amount. It seems that the issue lies with our content management system, Drupal. I've made a number of small tweaks to this site that should help ease the CPU, and am waiting to hear back from the host, but if this doesn't prove adequate, I'll be looking for help from someone very familiar with Drupal to help ease our load.

If there's anyone out there who can volunteer for some Drupal tweaking, I'd love to hear from you (please contact me at diyplanner [At] Plan C is to move to another host, but frankly I'd like to avoid all that work unless absolutely necessary.

Thanks, people. Things should be returning to normal for me fairly soon, and I'll also be releasing a few more forms and jump-starting the new D*I*Y Planner Widget Kit in the next couple of weeks.

Update: Thanks for the emails, folks. I'm please to announce that our old comrade-in-arms eric Farris is lending us a hand on this. Go, eric!

Buy and Sell?

I've been recently thinking that a valuable addition to this site would be a "buy and sell" forum. I keep hearing about people with gear to sell, and those who are looking for items not available in their areas, so this might be a good idea. There are also a few vendors (or potential vendors) who can buy materials at bulk rates and ship to overseas addresses when there's no decent mail-order shipping available from the original manufactures or representatives.

Obviously, this is not going to compete with eBay. This is a community site, with members helping other members, so I'm hoping that the levels of advice and service would be more personal.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.

Technical Difficulties

We seem to be growing too fast for our ISP to handle. We've started experiencing some hosting issues today. Many eager DIYers as well as our illustrious leader, Doug, cannot connect to the site right now.

Please be patient with us as we're working as fast as we can with our Hosting service. We hope to resolve all our issues shortly.

He's Back (with a Status Report)

Well, I arrived almost two weeks ago in Yellowknife --which is actually quite green and very warm right now-- and am on the way to settling down with a new job and a new house. Upon finally getting connected again, I was completely overwhelmed by the hundreds of best wishes and congratulations sent my way. Thank you, all. I'm always surprised by how caring a community DIYPlanner has fostered. (If you've sent me an email requiring a response, please be patient... I have several hundred in the queue and rather limited time to answer them at the moment.)

I was also surprised to find that we made LifeHacker's Top Ten Free and Cheap Productivity Tools as well as Metafilter ("I, For One, Welcome Our New D*I*Y Overlords") within a day of each other, and shortly after the Boston Globe article at that, so I have to take a moment to welcome all of our new readers and thank the lords of Drupal that there wasn't a server meltdown.

Vive la révolution! Doug's Communication Nation Post

Happy 4th of July everyone (or post-Canada Day to our Canadian friends). Doug has packed his system and all his things and now treks across Canada to his new home. In the meantime, he wanted to share with you the post he wrote last November for Communication Nation. The article focuss around Doug's personal experiences with electorinc and paper planning and what drove him back to the analog paper system once and for all.

Trading away the handhelds, tablet PCs and online productivity tools for pens, planners, cards and Moleskines is a leap of faith, like toppling a regime in the hope that the next one will somehow be more benevolent, more attuned to your needs, and offer greater opportunities. It may not, and you may find yourself before the firing line, remembering with fondness the evils of yesterday.


Not only does using paper planners, storyboards, index cards, whiteboards and flip charts allow us to see and experience things from entirely new vantage points, they force us to re-examine the execution and importance of the task at hand. It's the break from the worn-out tech-centred paradigm, with no restrictions to hinder you, not even battery life.

Hope everyone's having a great 4th of July and we'll return to normal postings later this week. Take care.

A Call for Guest Writers

As you all know, D*I*Y Planner's had a few changes the past few months. Doug's got a new baby and is moving to a new locale, we've gained a few new administrative peeps to help out on the site, and we've lost a few staff writers. We're still looking for a permament replacement for our Tuesday digital/analog writer (thanks to Chris Brogan who's been helping us out with articles on Tuesdays in the interim), so if you think you're up to the challenge of writing a weekly article that caters to our site, let me and Doug know.

However, we're also looking for people to write articles for Guest Post Wednesday. To be a guest writer, all you need is an idea, and some spare time to write and submit to the site. Interested, but not sure what topics you'd want to write about? Read on to see a list of article topics we'd love to see on the site.

Back to the Future with D*I*Y

Huzzah! The D*I*Y Planner we all know and love is in The Boston Globe for a second time.

"Strangely enough, it's mainly a revolt of tech lovers against their favorite toys, junkies eschewing their drug of choice," wrote multimedia project manager Douglas Johnston in an essay on the blog Communication Nation. "It's painful, it's heart-wrenching, it flies in the face of our own self-identities, and it makes all our high-tech podium-thumping and evangelizing suddenly look hollow."

Says Doug: "...the pushback is meant to reclaim human space in an increasingly digital world. For techies who have always relied on PDAs to manage their time, suddenly switching to paper can be a "Zen-like experience."

D*I*Y wishes to thank everyone, planners old and new, for making our community what it is today.


You'll have to forgive me if this is a rambling, convoluted post, but it refects my current state of mind while I continue to pack up and prepare for our new life up north.

There's nothing like moving to help you realise just how much junk and baggage you're likely to gather over the years. Today alone, I've found a book on programming a Commodore PET (circa 1981), some early-70's Avengers comics imbued with the piquant aroma of basement mold, four high-grade replicas of 13th century swords, some notebooks with my Breton language exercises, a series of embarrassing journals written in eighth grade (1983), a Duran Duran cassette, a crossbow and several quarrels of bolts, my high school graduation ceremony (in Sony Betamax format), and a strange black plastic thingy of uncertain usage that's been following us around for the past four moves.

Although we're travelling across the continent with an eye to starting fresh, we're also collecting various bits of our histories lurking deep within our mothers' basements, and there's a certain trepidation at leaving something behind that's a forgotten relic of our youths -- perhaps pictures of us with elementary school friends, or a paperweight/ashtray specially constructed for a dearly departed father. These are links to our past, little glorious momentoes we didn't know still existed, lying undiscovered. And the thought of these disappearing into the trash someday, their true value unrealised, is a cause of some anxiety for me.

Quick Tips: Five Fun Ways to Use the D*I*Y Planner Hipster Tab Card

Greetings everyone! I figured that after a book review that it'd be time to get back into some zany new uses for a planner templates. This week, I present to you 5 unique and different ways you all can (ab)use the D*I*Y Planner Hipster Tab Cards. I chose this template because I think there's a lot more these cards can be used for than just dividing and separating a series of index cards. Read on to see what other ways you can use these cards.