Gratuitous Linkage: A Study in Sherlock

Well, some of you oldtimers may have noticed that I haven't been as omnipresent on this site as I usually am. The reason is two-fold. First, I was rather burnt out by the D*I*Y Planner 3.0 release, and needed a little space to recuperate before tackling the Hipster PDA version. And second, I've been working on a new blog, one that follows a lifelong passion of mine, and one not at all related to productivity.

A Study in SherlockAnd so, I'll like to extend a special invite to you dear folks who have been so supportive of my ramblings and side projects: A Study in Sherlock is a site is devoted to the life, times and influence of the Great Detective himself, perhaps the most famous fictional character in history.

Each weekday will bring new posts, and these include original pieces (many of which are written for newcomers), photographs, teasers for the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, illustrations, news stories, book reviews, audio snippets, "workshop" projects (such as do-it-yourself reference cards or CDs), radio plays, and featured sites. Most of these entries are selected to offer something for neophytes, but --hopefully-- also provide ample occasion for discourse amongst more experienced Sherlockians. I hope you enjoy.

And, hey, who wouldn't want a nice sepia-coloured reference card of Holmes stories for their Hipster...? ;-)

Hipster PDA Templates: A Final Call

Well, you've all had a bit of time to digest the new D*I*Y Planner 3.0 Classic version, and if you have a keen eye, you'll probably note that the designs took into consideration many of the requests for the hPDA templates as well. The DiyP3 classic size being the reference version, I thought I'd open this thread for discussion, and see what templates in particular you'd like to see make the final cut for the hPDA pack. Keep in mind that this will be a subset of the classic version --it's a little insane to try to fit some 200 templates of the size and variety of the classic pack to index cards-- and I'd like to keep the number of cards down to those that are most useful, most in demand, and most flexible.

The floor is now open: what templates found in the classic version would you like to see in the Hipster PDA pack? Please be exact -- for example, if there's a particular Day Keeper you want, mention the full name (e.g., Day Keeper 24M). Remember, time's a-tickin', so get those requests in now.

Landscape Letter Size

I'm working on designing letter size landscape scheduling pages for myself and others. I'm curious what people think of the initial designs, so included in this are the first 3 pages of the academic calendar, monthly calendar, and weekly calendar.

Usage advice: 

I will be trying to implement these into my porfolio planner. Please let me know what you think of them, what I should add or remove, and other ideas for landscape pages.

Paper size: 
Creative Commons
Applications required: 
PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview)

Innowen's Top Five List

When Doug asked me about sharing my Top 5 Toys for inspiration, my mind started making the list. "Awesome idea," I said. At first I figured this was going to be really easy for me to do. But as I composed my list, I noticed it growing past 5. So, this is my top 5 list of current toys that help bring out my creative “gotta get it done” side.

Doug is offline (gasp!)

He wishes to inform you (in the third person, of course), that his cable Internet has been down for several days, and a borrowed dial-up connection is proving too flaky to be online for any more than a few minutes at a time. So if you're awaiting any sort of response, email, editing, submission approval, etc., please be patient. He should be back online in a couple of days, as he is well-assured he is "high on the priority list." (*cough*)

Doug: The Top Five List

Day Runner + D*I*Y PlannerThis week on is going to be a little different. I've asked each of the writers the question, "What five items for enhancing your productivity and/or creativity can you not be without?" (I'm lumped productivity and creativity together, since for many of us there's a decided overlap.) I've also asked for explanations and tips for those items, so we can get a better glimpse of how those things are used.

For my list here, I'm not going to include a computer. These are so ubiquitous, and so necessary for most work in this day and age, that a computer has to be understood as a given. So, herewith, are my other top five items.

DiyP3 2-Ups Now Released

Thanks once more to the efforts of Nate Howland, we now have 2-up versions of the Classic and A5 sizes. You can use these to print on regular letter-size or A4 paper if you don't have a printer capable of native Classic or A5 size, and then you can slice the pages in half.

Find them in the regular download section of the D*I*Y Planner 3.0 release page.

Note that these work best if you set the printer to print landscape rather than let Acrobat rotate them. And tell it not to scale, please!

Please report any problems by commenting on this post, and we'll try our best to rectify them.

Site Updates 06/02/15

Just a little grab-bag of notes to let you kind folks know what's going on, and when.

  • Well, despite the links on 43 Folders, and, our server is still holding up. We've had about 263,455 visits since the announcement three days ago. There have been approximately 128,989 downloads counting all the kit packages, of which 41,614 downloads are the core package(s). Those numbers don't include today's counts. I'd venture to call this launch a success. :-) (On a related note, I'd also venture to consider our choice of Drupal for to be a good one. Thanks, eric!)
  • The handbook and other site docs are currently in a state of upheaval as I edit them. They're mostly finished, but expect additions, deletions and modifications over the next few days.
  • A couple of people have noted problems with the DiyP3 Calendar A5 file being corrupted. I (and a few other helpers) have not been able to duplicate this problem, and frankly, I'm a little baffled. I'm looking for a little feedback here: can anyone share their experiences with this file? (Success, failure, issues, solutions....)
  • You may have noted that we've been rather inconsistent with our daily postings here at While a few of the writers may still be delayed due to some personal issues, most of us have been tied up with DiyP3. With that out of the way, things should be getting back to normal soon, I hope.
  • The production of some 2-up files for DiyP3 is underway, and hopefully they'll appear shortly. They'll be announced on the main page, so you'll know.
  • In a couple of weeks, I'll be starting on the Hipster PDA Edition, version 3.0. At that time, I'll make another call for volunteers to give me a hand in proofing and testing. If you're interested, stay tuned for the call.
  • To any people who have been expecting email from me, please be patient. I have at least a few hundred messages to catch up on, in between bouts of recuperation. If you don't hear from me within a week, please feel free to contact me again, unless you have an exciting offer related to a mortgage, diploma, or a body part unmentionable in polite company.

Whew. Onwards.

D*I*Y Planner 3.0 (Classic/A5 Edition)

Do no evil...

Welcome to D*I*Y Planner 3.0 (Classic/A5 Edition), a set of free do-it-yourself templates, covers, documentation and other gear for creating your own highly customised paper planner system. A year in the making, this new version includes nearly 200 pages of forms covering life management, calendars, project planning, note-taking, health, finance, and even creative uses like writing, storyboards, and web design. With some basic supplies, the handbook, and a little elbow grease, you can create an ideal low-cost productivity system that meets almost every need.