Giveaway: Win the DavidCo Ultimate GTD Kit (3 of 3)

For the last chance to win the ultimate GTD kit from DavidCo:

After being trained in karate by a psychic, David Allen met a mystic who was to have a profound influence on his thinking and career. Oddly enough, this person had once undergone a near-death experience before discovering a higher consciousness in himself, and then began to use a compound name in reverence to this (erm) "supplementary" being. He founded a religious movement which is still around today.

Who was this person, and what is the movement's name?

(As an aside, I'm starting to believe Allen's past merits its own book.)

Be the first to post a comment with the correct answer, and be the last to win this little shrine to GTD.

Update: And after a mere 4 minutes, we have a winner in dobler who guessed "John-Roger" (born Roger Delano Hinkins) and the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. Source: Business 2.0: How David Allen mastered getting things done and Wikipedia: MSIA. Of course, I'm thinking that Allen isn't too thrilled about this part of his past today, but hey, that was circa 1970 California after all, and his lifelong journey to becoming a productivity guru is far more interesting than I would have thought.

Stay tuned for the last giveaway in the next few hours. Levenger, boys and girls. 'Nuff said.

Giveaway: Win the DavidCo Ultimate GTD Kit (2 of 3)

Grab your copy of the GTD bible, because you'll need it for your chance to win the second of the DavidCo kits:

In his book Getting Things Done, which brainstorming software application does David Allen mention before saying he ultimately decided to return to pen and paper? Hint: it's just after discussing outliners. (Note that the Penguin 2003 paperback edition is our reference here.)

You know what to do....

Update: We have a winner: Norman after a full 10 minutes. Thought you'd have to use Google and Wikipedia again, eh? ;-) The correct answer was Inspiration.

Giveaway: Win the DavidCo Ultimate GTD Kit (1 of 3)

For our first opportunity to win the DavidCo GTD Kit, we have a very easy question (because, you know, our brains might not have absorbed the prerequisite amount of coffee yet):

When discussing GTD, David Allen often mentions the term 'mind like water', but who was the first Buddhist priest to officially teach Buddhism in North America, specifically in California in the very early 1900's?

The first member to leave a comment with the correct answer wins. (Assuming of course, you're playing by the rules.)

And have a winner after just 2 minutes with eichorsmith. The correct answer is Soen Shaku, also known as Soyen Shaku and Kogaku So'en Shaku. Source: Wikipedia

Giveaway Friday #1: DavidCo Ultimate GTD Kit

DavidCo Prize Package

In the modern productivity world, there are two types of people: those who have read David Allen's seminal book Getting Things Done; and those people who haven't, but pretend they have. On a personal note, David Allen's GTD was the original inspiration behind the D*I*Y Planner system, thus this website, and so we are very pleased --no, verging on ecstatic in its most religious sense-- to announce a prize package from his company DavidCo.

This package includes:

  • The choice of a David Allen book, so you can finally stop pretending you've read the book and get on with it already;
  • An elegant GTD Notetaker Wallet, crafted in fine leather and accompanied by a Rotring Expandable pen, 5 pen refills and 10 paper pads; and
  • Likely the closest you'll ever get to thinking like the man himself, a three-month subscription to GTD|Connect, an exclusive members-only program that includes David Allen GTD audio collections, videos, live teleconferences, print pieces, exclusive newsletters, interviews with leading thinkers, a series of tightly-focussed interactive materials to help achieve your highest level of productivity possible, and so much more.

The retail value of this package is approximately $275.

Well, that's a pretty impressive giveaway as is. But, here's the clincher: we have not only one, but THREE of these packages to give away today.

Stay tuned for the questions to win this fantastic package at random intervals during the day, and then we'll cap off this week with a special DIY/Circa package from Levenger early this evening (MDT).

Giveaway: Win the Kikkerland Kit

To win the fabulous Kikkerland Kit, be the first member to post a comment with the correct answers to the following question:

The famous pirate who plundered Brazil and the Carribean (among other places) once sailed into the large harbour of Trepassey, Newfoundland, black flags flying, instantly taking control of nearly two dozen ships. However, he had already raided another Newfoundland harbour during his voyage, capturing about a dozen vessels. That particular colony, about 80 years earlier, had been awarded to a former buccaneer, along with an appointment as the Governor of Newfoundland, in appreciation of his services to the English crown.

Who was the pirate, who was the buccaneer turned governor, and what was the name of the town or colony?

After 10 minutes, we have a winner with jthoop . The correct answers were Bartholomew Roberts (aka "Black Bart"), David Kirke, and the Colony of Avalon at Ferryland. Sources:

Stay tuned for the grand finale tomorrow, when you'll have four (yes, four!) opportunities to win fantastic prizes from Levenger and DavidCo.

Giveaway Thursday: The Kikkerland Kit

Kikkerland KitWe have a motherlode for you folks today from the great folks at Kikkerland. It turns out they weren't content to just give away a few Moleskines -- they're the distributors for a lot of other cool and trendy products as well, and they're beefing up their prize package accordingly.

Included in today's kit are:

  • a slick all-metal stationary set in a case that includes scissors, staple remover, tape measure, knife, stapler, pen and magnifying glass
  • a mobile phone holder for organising your phone or iPod charging ritual
  • a very cool perpetual calendar designed by Pieter Woudt that goes for about 50 years
  • a set of CD flip holders in black, red, and blue
  • for something completely different, a Jolly Roger door mat in black or red
  • and, of course, a few Moleskines: three regular notebooks in your choice of size and configuration

Approximate retail value is about $160 USD.

Stay tuned for your opportunity to win this prize within the next few hours. (And, as usual, make sure you've read and understand the contest rules.)

Giveaway: Win the Renaissance Art Moleskine/3x5 Kit

The fourth prize in our week-long series of giveaways is a personalized, handmade Moleskine cover and 500, personalized premade index cards from Renaissance Art. And today's question is:

I was the greatest artist of my day and undisputed master of the Venetian school for over sixty years. I leant my trade under the great masters Bellini and Giorgione. Later my statesman like business skills won pension for me and titles for my sons. Painting into old age, I finally passed on, a victim of the plague. My body now interned in church; what is my name?

The first person to leave a comment with the correct answer wins. (Be sure to have read the rules, or you may forfeit your prize!)

Congratulations to Mivok who wins today's giveaway by answering the question in under five minutes. The correct answer was Titan (Tiziano Vecellio).


Giveaway Wednesday: Renaissance Art Moleskine/3x5 Kit

Today's giveaway is from Renaissance Art, makers of fine, handmade leather products.

This kit includes your choice of a pocket or regular Moleskine with 3x5 index card holder, sporting your initials stamped into the leather, and 500 black and white, personalized index cards in a premade style of your choice. Functional, customized, and beautiful!

I honestly think this is a great and inspiring package for anyone who loves the idea of old world, rugged style. Keep watching for today's trivia question for your chance to win!

Giveaway: Win the Rhodia Notebooks from Notebookism

Those wishing to try Kenji Ohta GTD + R will love this prize from Notebookism. And today's question is:

First brought out as a side line by the Verilhac brothers, Henri and Robert; who opened Papeteries Verilhac freres in 1932. The company was almost lost to flooding in 1968. Fortunately for fans of the now famous orange pads the company lives on under the auspicious gaze of François Nusse, but in what year did Nusse's company aquire it?

The first person to leave a comment with the correct answer wins. (Be sure to have read the rules, or you may forfeit your prize!)

And after a record 30 minutes of waiting, we have a winner. Congratulations to nalf who's won the Rhodia Notebooks! The correct answer was:

Exacompta Clairefontaine acquired Rhodia in 1997, later re-branding it as Rhodia-Clairefontaine.

Stay tuned for more chances to win more prizes tomorrow!