Giveaway Tuesday: Rhodia Notebooks from Notebookism

Today's give away is from Notebookism.

They have graciously donated the following kit: several sizes Rhodia Bloc notepads (grid, line and plain), a few Rhodia Classic Elasti Books (black and orange covers), and a Rhodia Metallic Meeting Book.

Keep watching for today's trivia question for your chance to win!

Giveaway: Win Myndology DIY Essentials Kit (including the new punch!)

The third prize in our week-long series of giveaways is a Do It Yourself Essentials kit from Myndology. This wonderful kit also includes the brand new Myndology Punch. Pay careful attention to the question, and remember, you only have one guess:

Originally patented by a Frenchman, a process for paper-making was appropriated and financed by a pair of London brothers, who hired a mechanic to create the paper-making machine which now bears their name.

Who are the brothers, and what is the name of the box that uses vacuum to remove moisture from the press felt within the machine?

The first person to leave a comment with the two correct answers wins. (Be sure to have read the rules, or you may forfeit your prize!)

After 7 minutes we have a winner with autismvox. The other two responses were close but we were looking for Uhle Box as the name of the box. And of course Henry and Sealy Fourdrinier were the names of the brothers. Source:

Giveaway Monday: Myndology DIY Essentials Kit

Welcome to Monday and all the goodies this day holds. Today's gift pack is from our sponsor, Myndology:

"Our focus at Myndology is creativity- not only in our product design but in the way our customers use our products. Great product design should be an inspiration to its users and we strive to offer beautiful and functional stationery. All of our products feature high quality materials and we have a genuine interest in having an environmental focus. Our latest line of notebooks features paper manufactured using 100% hydro-electric power with covers made from 100% recycled materials. We are also against using animal by-products in anything we sell."

Today's winner receives the following kit:
25 real aluminum discs (not coated plastic), 1 letter size notebook, 1 journal, 1 index, 1 note, 1 Bare Journal and 1 Bare Memo. Essentially all of the tools necessary to become a D*I*Y Planner!

But wait... that's not all...
in addition to this lovely kit, Jason's also throwing in the first Myndology punch! That's right, you will receive the glory of owning the newest item in Myndology's lineup, their new punch. Apparently, it's currently floating across the Atlantic Ocean and is scheduled to land at the end of this month.

All this, can be yours if you answer today's Trivia question correctly. Keep watching for the question to get posted and be the first one to answer it correctly to win today's Myndology kit, valued at approximately $150 USD.

Giveaway: Win ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5

The second prize in our week-long series of giveaways is the Windows/Mac mind-mapping software ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5. Pay careful attention to the question, and remember, you only have one guess:

A recent mystery book by a best-selling Scottish novelist has his well-known detective using mind-mapping to solve crime. The place where a body is found in that book was actually based elsewhere on a spring in northern Scotland where people leave apparel draped over the trees for good fortune.

What is the name of the detective, and the real location of the northern spring?

The first person to leave a comment with the two answers correct will win. (Be sure to have read the rules, or you may forfeit your prize!)

We have a winner with puntcreative, after exactly ten minutes. The answers are Detective Inspector John Rebus, and the spring is known as the Clootie Well, in the Black Isle. The book is The Naming of the Dead by Ian Rankin. (Source:

Giveaway Sunday: ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5Here at DIYPlanner, we love mind maps. Whether on paper, or via a software application, the technique allows you to explore related ideas, brainstorm ideas, follow connections, and devise a strong visual overview of your concept and all its possibilities. (Enter "mind map" in the search box at right to find some of Innowen's excellent articles.)

One application we have yet to review, but whose brand new version impressed us in our initial tests, is ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5 Professional. Says CS Odessa, the maker and sponsor of this wonderful prize, "ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5 is a business and personal productivity tool that provides versatile integration with MS Office and project management software along with complete support of mind mapping and brainstorming techniques within a single productivity toolbox."

Since we have such a large contingent of both Mac and Windows users on this site, we didn't want to offer any software that wasn't available for both platforms (sorry Linux users, but I feel your pain), and thankfully the license we'll be giving away allows for one Mac and one Windows installation. For more information, please see the ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5 page. Retail value of this prize is $199 USD.

Stay tuned for the question to win MINDMAP 5 in the next few hours. (As usual, be sure you've read and understood the contest rules.)

Giveaway: Win the Travel Journal from Eastgate

Our very first question, and the opportunity to win the beautiful Florentine travel journal from Eastgate:

Not telling. Nice try, though.The writings of a medieval Venetian, recounting his explorations and offices in the far east, is one of the most popular travelogues of all time. But before he died, he wrote a new version of his best seller, which was lost, but not before a friar made a Latin translation of it. In so doing, the latter carefully reworked or censored parts of the text that bordered on heresy. Who was the Venetian, and what was the name of this friar?

The first person to post a comment with the correct two names will be the winner. (That is, assuming he or she is following our rules.) Good luck!

UPDATE: We have a winner after just six minutes, with three correct responses coming just seconds apart. However, only the first one counts, and Kate Berens will be receiving the beautiful travel journal from Eastgate. The answer was "Marco Polo and Francesco Pipino". Sources:

Don't worry. There's another giveaway tomorrow (and tomorrow, and tomorrow...).

Giveaway Saturday: Florentine Travel Journal from Eastgate

Eastgate Florentine Travel JournalOur very first giveaway is one of the best. From our long-time sponsor Eastgate (makers of Tinderbox) comes a gorgeous leather travel journal crafted in a workshop in Florence, Italy, by Epica.

The journal measures 5"x8" and consists of 300 pages of rich, cream-coloured, hand-cut paper bound in dark brown high-quality Italian leather. The paper is thick and just toothy enough to provide an excellent writing surface for fountain pens or light watercolours, and the binding has an elegant antiqued ribbing that looks beautiful on a shelf. It even arrives in a tasteful drawstring bag. (For more details, see our review.)

The retail price of this journal is $85 USD, and worth every penny. In fact, you might treasure this keepsake so much you'll be afraid to write in it; if so, you'll be missing out on a truly decadent experience. (I have one myself, and it's one of my most beautiful possessions.)

Stay tuned for the opportunity to win this sumptuous prize within the next few hours. (Be sure to read the rules, if you haven't already.)

The Great DIYPlanner Giveaway Rules (Read Carefully!)

Starting tomorrow (Saturday), we'll feature a full seven days of fantastic prizes from some of our favourite companies. Each day a lucky site member will be able to win a prize package by simply answering that day's trivia question. The catch? No one knows when the question will be posed, and, well, we'll make sure it isn't too easy.

We want to keep everything as fair as possible, so we have to set a few ground rules. Please read carefully, or risk losing your prize to the next guesser.

  1. Each prize will be previewed before the question is asked, either the same day or the day before. The question may be asked any time thereafter, day or night. This is to ensure that people in different time zones stand an equal chance to win.
  2. The first person to correctly post the answer (as a comment) to the day's trivia question and who meets the other criteria here will be the winner. If there is the possibility of a tie (i.e., if two posts are in the same minute), a DIYPlanner team member will consult the logs to see who posted first.
  3. To qualify for a prize, the correct guesser must already be a member of (so register, if you haven't already). You must be logged in when you post: no anonymous or unverified names will be allowed.
  4. Only one guess per member is allowed. If you give two or more answers, only the first one will count. (This means that another member may use your other guesses.)
  5. Should a person not adhering to these rules guess the correct answer, he or she will forfeit the prize, and the next person to offer the same guess will be the winner.
  6. If an answer is close, the member of the team who posted the question may rule it as being correct.
  7. A person may only win a prize once in this series of giveaways. If you've already won, please refrain from entering again.

There you go. Not too difficult, we believe. Make sure you understand them before you start guessing. (By the way, a 24-hour day as above is based upon Mountain Time in North America.) A DIYPlanner team member will watch over the responses to the question, and declare the winner soon after the correct answer is posted.

Good luck, folks!

More details on our second aniversary giveaway

Plans are slowing coming together, so I can let slip a few more details.

We now have a full seven days of giveaways from some of our favourite companies. The prizes range from packs to fan-fave notebooks to an expensive Italian journal, from a do-it-yourself Circa kit (guess who's providing that one) to some top-notch software, and even a beautiful but functional piece of leather-wrought art.

Each day will see another prize package and another question. Be the first to answer the question correctly, and you win the prize. What's the catch? Well, the questions requires either knowledge or elite research skills, or both. We're trying not to come up with ones that anybody can answer in 10 seconds via Google.

So, the thought that many of you are posing, no doubt: When do the questions appear? Answer: at any time. And to make it a little more fair to our friends on the other side of the world, the question might even appear in the middle of the night, even if we have to force-feed icing sugar to Steve so he might stay awake.

The final details and rules will appear here Friday, and we'll begin the contest on Saturday.