Template Design 101: Making Map Templates

Sample Map TemplateIn the audio book version of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (which comes across as an interesting lecture, by the way, and is not simply an uninspired reading of the book), Stephen R. Covey gives the humourous example of a boss conducting a meeting who sends a visitor a map that (due to a error) has the wrong city. The visitor is hopelessly confused, running lost down all the streets, expending all his energy to find his way. He calls up the boss, who demands, "Try harder!"

Aside from being an interesting allusion for the need to have a clear and correct plan in place, it's also an indication of the importance of maps. Now, I can't produce maps for every place, for every situation, that you might find yourself in. But what I can do is offer you an easy way to create a D*I*Y Planner style set of map templates of your very own.