New Product Temptation: Notepods

My friend and forum member, David Solot, just tossed this tasty tidbit over to me: Notepods. Apparently, these notepads feature a design that is "reminiscent of a popular smart phone."

The front of each sheet has a 52mm by 77mm area of blank space that's perfect for doodling. The back has a light 6mm grid rule that seems great for engineering new product designs. A three-pack of these pads costs $17.95 USD; shipping from Australia.

Has anyone purchased a set yet? I'd love to know what everyone thinks.
(Image taken from the Notepod site.)

Boy Howdy! Let's Have A Meeting!

Greetings all. It's been a long time! Sorry I've been away so long, but I've been a little busy. I got engaged, started a business and decided to take a shot at starting my own religion. Wasn't true, the last part, but the rest is true. Despite my lack of time, I missed writing for D*I*Y Planner so when Doug asked me to start writing again, I was glad to accept. That, and I wanted my cat back. Come on Doug, a deal's a deal.

I thought I'd talk today about an experience I had recently, a warning to all to keep your cell phones charged. I was supposed to have a coffee meeting with a digital animator named Francisco. I live in Vancouver, B.C. and, through careful legislation and oversight, the government has made certain that you are never more than 50 feet from a coffee shop. Needless to say, saying that you're having a coffee meeting in Vancouver is redundant, like saying you're playing ice hockey. It's just understood. They recently announced an emergency plan, in case the big earthquake finally hits, to bring in the army to keep Starbucks open. "YES SIR, DOUBLE TALL, DOUBLE SHOT, NO FOAM, EXTRA WHIP, GRANDE LATTE, SIR!!" Actually, that wouldn't be so different from how they run Starbucks now. But I digress.

The Economy: We Are So Screwed


Anderson Cooper Hello everyone, I'm Anderson Cooper. If I were any more charming, you wouldn't be able to stand it. Tonight we'll be airing the first of a special five-part series on the state of the global economy entitled, Everything's A Mess And We're All Going To Die, but before we begin, let's check in with Wolf Blitzer.

Wolf Blitzer Hi, I'm Wolf Blitzer and you're in the Conniption Room. Your can trust me, because I have a beard. Happening now: President Bush tried to calm fears about the ailing economy in a press conference earlier today.

Mac Meltdown


Greetings! Well, I guess I have to eat crow. I've bragged about how good my Mac is for years, but I finally had a problem. Now, to be fair, my Macs have held up remarkably well. My first Mac laptop lasted for over five years before it died and that was only because I poured a Pepsi in it by accident. So I thought that my new Mac Powerbook would last almost until the cosmos implodes back in on itself. It seemed reasonable, given my history with them. But this time...well, you'll see.

I was having some trouble connecting to the internet and I was playing Slap In The Face. You know, when you phone one tech support person and they can't solve your problem and they get tired of trying, so they suggest that maybe it's somebody else's fault, slap you in the face and run away giggling. It's their favorite game. It goes like this:

He's Back!


That’s right, the wanderer has returned! Some of you may be wondering: where have I been? What have I been doing? Actually, I’ve been heavily involved in a number of projects. I investigated a number of web-based money-making opportunities which utilized all of my multi-media and artistic skills. But porn doesn't have dental.

For a while, I was working on an idea for an invention. Actually, it’s an improvement on an existing product, the GPS.

Organizing The Olympics

Good day all, Steve here, bringing you my weekly Friday column...on Monday. Give me a break! My girlfriend dragged me out for dim sum, Chinese brunch, and she was, like, "Let's get some chicken feet," and I'm, like, "No way, that's nasty," and she's all, like, "No, let's branch out. Get some feet." As it is turns out, chicken feet are considered to be quite a desirable appetizer among the Chinese community, though personally it gives me the willies, but I'm kind of squeamish about new foods. I'm not trying to be culturally insensitive, I'm just not down with feet, ya know? Anyway, all this indecision about the chicken feet left me a bit dragged out, so I had to take a nap, but now I'm here to bring this week's column, which is about the Olympics.

The U.S. Election: Democracy Had It Coming

US Election
Greetings all, Steve here, back again. I was going to post something last week, but, like many people lately, I came down with mild death-like symptoms. I went to the doctor and he said that, hypodermically speaking, I should be fine, ouch, so after a few days rest, I'm back in the saddle. Today I'm going to take a break from saying silly things about business and say some silly things about something many people are critically concerned about these days, something that could effect every area of our lives, business and personal: the U.S. presidential election.

Here are my thoughts: It's insane.

Allow me to elaborate. The United States presidential election is a time-honoured tradition, but like many time-honoured traditions, it's completely mental. I mean, think about it. Why must the election be held exactly every 4 years and consist of an arcane series of nominations and pre-elections to elect a candidate from one of two parties which are not really that different from each other? Because it's tradition. Fair enough, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea. I mean, it used to be tradition to use left-handed people as test projectiles in catapults. Honest, look it up. They did it all the time. That's why there are so few left-handed people around. See, you learn something every day.

DIYPlanner Gift Cards - High Res

DIYPlanner Greetings Cards
Hi Folks, Steve here. Just a quick one today. Even though we're officially into the new year now, my brain is still very much on vacation, so today I'm just responding to a number of requests for high resolution versions of the DIYPlanner Gift Cards I posted last week. Once I recover from the holidays, I'll be back in full form next week. Enjoy!

Just A Little Late For The Holidays: DIYPlanner Gift Cards

DIYPlanner Merry Christmas
Greetings folks, Steve here, wishing you a Merry Christmas from the DIYPlanner crew. Although we're all about doing it yourself around here, this time of year many of us like to do it with other people as well, in the spirit of festive togetherness and stuff...that sounded dirtier than it was supposed to. Oh well.

With that in mind, and unable to find any way to make fun of Doug Johnston again this year, I decided to add to the growing list of DIYPlanner swag and produce some official DIYPLANNER.COM greetings cards. Of course, it's too late to send out Christmas cards, but if you're like me, you don't send out Christmas cards until late January anyway, so I guess these would be New Year's cards. Don't thank me. Just think of it as a public service you totally didn't need. Shockingly, many people still don't realize the benefits of paper-based planning, so let's take this opportunity to spread the word about our fine site and encourage greater organization in the new year. Enjoy and happy holidays!