Letter Version

D*I*Y Planner 2.5 Calendar, Letter/A4 Edition

Q: What do you get when you leave the D*I*Y Planner Calendar Classic templates alone for a couple of weeks with a pantry stocked with junk food?

A: They almost double in size. [The same applies to the template designer! - DJ]

The DIYPlanner.com team is very pleased to announce our first templates in Letter and A4 size: The D*I*Y Planner Calendar Package 2.5, Letter/A4 Edition.

Included here are all the templates from the Classic Calendar package, including:

  • Day Keepers, marked and unmarked
  • Weekly planners, in five different styles
  • Unmarked monthly planners, in both Sun-Sat and Mon-Sun weeks
  • Marked monthly planners, Sept 2005 - Dec 2006, Sun-Sat (my head is still spinning)
  • Yearly Reference, 2005-2006
  • Yearly Planning, 2005-2006 Academic Year (Aug 2005 - Jul 2006)

Almost 60 pages in all, designed to fit your Letter- or A4-size planner.

These templates are based on the Classic size templates by Douglas Johnston and ported to Letter/A4 by me, eric Farris. I have tried to make these templates utilize the added space of the new size and formatting as effectively as possible: it's not just simple resizing of the Classic templates, but rather a complete overhaul for the new layouts.

These templates should be considered a draft release in preparation for the final release of D*I*Y Planner 3.0 and thus formatting and design may change somewhat. Please let me know of any problems you find or suggestions you may have regarding this release.

As with the Classic edition, this is released under the terms of a Creative Commons Non-Commercial No-Derivatives License (see the legalese), which means mainly that you can't commercially print or distribute it. (Personal use within a commercial environment is fine.)