Road Trip: Visiting Tom Bihn in Seattle, WA

image copyright www.tombihn.comLast Monday, I loaded my Macbook, and a few friends into the car. We were going on a road trip, heading due north to Seattle, to visit the Tom Bihn showroom and factory. Tom Bihn bags are known for their quality and unique styles and colors. I know, most of my bags are Tom Bihn bags. They're made in the USA and carry a cult following among techies (waves to the others out there). Three hours later (and some great rock star parking) we were standing just outside the famed bagmaker's haven.

A single man, seated in front of a counter greeted us upon entering the showroom. It was none other than Tom Bihn himself. He allowed us to hang out, informally interview him, drool over the stock in both the storeroom and stockroom, and he gave us a small tour of his factory facility. All in all it was a wonderful experience and I wanted to share bits of that experience with everyone here.

The Bare Necessities: A Q&A with Jason Kinziger

Jason KinzigerSomething a little different for DIYPlanner today. There are a lot of people out there who make products we love, or who have dedicated themselves to subjects that continue to intrigue us. We're going to start to interview some of these people, learn what makes them tick, and perhaps get an inside look at the industry that makes us more productive, or more creative, or that simply disposes of all our disposable income.

In writing my review of the "Bare" line of notebooks, I became fascinated by Myndology's unique approach to design. I managed to snag one very busy Jason Kinziger, the owner of this small company, to discuss the creation of this series.

Tell me, what was the inspiration for the Bare line?

I made this product as much for me as I did for our customers. I felt the current paper and notebook market has become overloaded with glossy and saccharine products. I honestly have a hard time walking into a big box store without feeling a little nauseous, there is just so much cheap paper and plastic.