D*I*Y Planner Letter/A4 Edition

The D*I*Y Planner is a set of free do-it-yourself templates, covers, documentation and other gear for creating your own highly customised and tweakable paper planner system.

The Letter/A4 edition is a port of Douglas Johnston's Classic Edition, ported to Letter and A4 sizes by eric Farris.

While a full port of the Classic edition is in the works, the Calendar 2.5 Package is now available.

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Letter edition

Any idea when the full port of the Classic edition will be available? These are great forms!!!

Full version?

Is there ever going to be a full version of the planner in Letter size? or was the idea discarded? All the forms would be really useful in letter size, as that is the only size available here.

Thanks anyways.

Letter size

I'm actually working on the letter size versions in my free time. It's coming along a little slowly, but I have the monthly planner done.

Granted, mine are going to be a single page, not two pages beside each other.

Check my entries in the forums.

Letter Size Planner Developmant

Hi Kengi..

Did you ever develop the letter size one page weekly (dated?) ???

I have looked at your entries in the forums and cannot find it .........

Thank You In Advance


I decided today to try switching to the full size. Why? Because it's easier to merge in other pieces of paper that I might need to bring around with me. Most of the paper I deal with is letter size.

Anyway, since there isn't a full version of this template yet I simply 'upscalled' the classic version and that seems like it might work pretty well. I have a PDF printer driver so I just printed the whole Classic core pack to a new PDF for future use. The above method isn't hard but I could pass along my PDF if anyone wants it.

There may be a bit of wasted space on the page using this method. Perhaps the lines could be closer together or the margins adjusted and whatnot but it gives me forms to use now.

Re: Switching

I would love this. Thank you! I am a letter-size planner user. I have always written rather large, so the smaller sizes just can't contain my ideas!


Hi Scott,

Your attempt sounds good. I too am looking for A4 PDFs. Would be great if you could share yours!


letter template

I'd like this too.

Letter-size DIY planner PDF?

Skingery, how can we get your PDF of the DIY Classic blown up to letter-size?

If you use adobe reader,

If you use adobe reader, just select 'Fit to printer margins' under the page scaling option when printing and select letter sized paper (hopefully this will be the default anyway). You end up with some space to the left and right, but I think this is unavoidable if you don't want it to look stretched. You may be able to make it fit better by going into the priner properties and shrinking the margins, but this will depend on your printer.

This won't give you a letter sized PDF, but you don't actually need it in order to print. If you really want a larger PDF, install a program like cutepdf which installs as a PDF priner and print to that using the same method.

I'd like...

I would love your PDF of the upscaled Classic files. For some reason, using the "fit to printer margins" trick isn't working for me. It might be the older version of Adobe that I have, but the computer with the new version isn't connected to a printer to test that theory. Let us know how to get those PDF files!

A4 / Letter sized

I have been playing about with the classic size as I wanted to have the GTD reference charts in an A4 size so they are easier to read (and I'm going to laminate them).

I use FoxIt PDF reader (it's free) and it has an upscaling function in the print box. I am assuming the same box is there in the software regardless of what printer is used.

I just clicked "fit to page" and it magnified the page to 135% and it printed beautifully.
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