D*I*Y Planner Contacts Package 2.5 (Letter/A4)

The conversion of the official D*I*Y Planner pack continues. The DIYPlanner.com team proudly presents the next interim pack in letter and A4 size: The Contacts pack.

Included in this pack are the same templates included in the Classic Size Contacts Pack [Editor: which is now part of the Classic/A5 Core Package, pages 55 thru 62] . Four templates, in both front and back page versions:

Contact Pack Large

  • A new Contacts template, for address book type pages;
  • A Sources template, suitable for building your own personal "yellow pages," lists of references for things like restaurants and stores;
  • Contact Logs, in two styles: one with lots of contact metadata information, and one with minimal contact information and a long contact log space.

As with the Classic edition, this is released under the terms of a Creative Commons Non-Commercial No-Derivatives License (see the legalese), which means mainly that you can't commercially print or distribute it. (Personal use within a commercial environment is fine.)

This pack is available in both Letter and A4 size formats, and should be considered a draft. Also with this pack, we are using a new process to put the PDFs together. Please let us know if you have any problems with these files, and how we can best improve these templates for you.


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Thank You!

I've been needing something like for a while. Thanks bunches!


When I found your site (while google searching), I admit that I did find it a bit difficult to find information on your site (just navigating). But did eventually get there, and found the information I was and have been looking for a long time

But I would like it noted that this site is exactly what I have been looking for. And I have also read comments from other people saying the same thing. Cool.

I also downloaded the "OpenOffice" software that was suggested if I wanted to design myself, and I was planning to cheat a wee bit by copying your "diyp_contacts_a4.pdf" and just changing some of the headings. I know its nothing to do with you guys, but how do you edit a PDF doc in "OpenOffice" ?. Or would you be able to send me a copy of the original doc ?



File crashes every time

I can't open the letter size file, it will load the first two pages then crash.

Try again

It works for me
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