Design Your Own D*I*Y Planner Templates

One of the most popular requests I've received over the lifetime of the D*I*Y Planner project is for "source files." Now, I don't release the actual Illustrator and InDesign Files, since there are literally thousands of potentially confusing layers involved, a true nightmare for anyone unfamiliar with my methods, and there is also a history of an earlier version being misused for commericial purposes, which I'd prefer not to repeat.

That being said, there is no reason why this should prevent people from making their own templates, keeping to the look and feel if they wish. In that spirit, I am releasing a few files and tutorials to help budding designers along their way. Most files are in format, since this office suite is free to download and use, and contains a quite decent drawing application. Feedback is certainly encouraged, as I'd like to evolve this project into something that meets users' needs.

(You may also be interested in the OOo-based Kit ID and the Cover template included with the Classic/A5 kits.)

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Address page template

I'm looking for a template for address pages - and is there a way to import addresses?

Print Addresses from Apple Address Book and More

> I'm looking for a template for address pages - and is there a way to import addresses?

I am playing around with a program for the Macintosh, SOHO Labels & Envelopes (LINK). It allows you to design a sheet of labels of any size, which includes full page, half page, quarter page, and 3x5. You can import a pdf or other image file as a background and then designate fields from the Apple Address Book or any Tab Delimited File to print over the pdf or image. I have been able to set a DIY Planner form as a background and fill in data automatically before printing. I created a Tab Delimited File in Excel for dates to fill in on forms, and I included special days like holidays and birthdays. It is really great and I'm going to try printing my address book onto paper forms. I've played around with the address import a bit and it is fairly easy if you've used label software before. It appears to work well. There is a 30-day demo available.

- Karen

Address Page Template

I have had a lot of luck using the print feature in Outlook. I use my Outlook pretty heavily so I depend on it for addresses. You can import contacts in Outlook (comma seperated, Act! or even Excel format).

To print you go to File, page set-up and pick the format. For Classic size, I use 'Medium booklet Style". You can tweak the settings for what you are looking for.

Hope this helps!

Timeline and year Plan template

I need to find links to templates that can indicate timelines for the whole year.

Details, please

This page is about making your own.
There are templates showing a calendar year on two facing pages -- called an academic calendar -- that are part of the Dynamic Templates.
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Personal INformation page from my Day Planner

Each time my personal information changes I have to cross it our and re-write it and it looks sloppy. Is there a template someplace for a clean Personal Information sheet?

That way if I move I can have all the new info crisp and freshly typed up.

Thank you.

It's in the core-package

May I draw your attention to the templates provided here?

Have fun!