D*I*Y Planner "Property Of" Kit ID

Property Of...If you're like me, you tote lots of highly personal or valuable information on you, or expensive electronics, or both. I'm always afraid of dropping my kit unnoticed, or misplacing it in a Tim Horton's (our national coffee chain), or otherwise losing it, so I decided to spend a few minutes to whip up a "kit ID" that contains my name, address, phone number, email address and website. I put one into each planner, bag and case that I use, in the hope that some kind soul will find the lost item and return it to me.

This business-card-sized template is in OpenOffice 1.x Draw format (sxd), which will allow you to customise it to your heart's content, to make multiples per page, to export as PDF and so on. If you don't already have it, I highly suggest downloading and installing the free Blue Highway fonts first, which are the main ones I use on all D*I*Y Planner templates. If you don't have them, the file will substitute another font and the layout will probably look strange. The OpenOffice.org suite, of course, is a free download.

One more tip: if you laminate the cards, they will last a lot longer and stand up to moisture (and coffee stains).

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Property of File

so i really would like to have some of these but i need to know if there is a pdf file available or if someone could possibly direct me to something like it. any help would be greatly appreciated

A PDF would be useless...

... unless your name is Ed Wood and you live on Outer Space Way in Glendale, CA

Download Open Office and the Blue Highway font, then download the file and go for it.
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Or unless that part of the

Or unless that part of the PDF was editable. I am not sure how editable PDFs are created, but they are very useful.