Satellite Action Card

The Satellite Action CardNote: a new version of this template is included in the DIY Planner 3 Hipster PDA Edition kit.

In my use of a medium-sized planner, there are three little issues that have often bothered me:

  • The occasional need to have a light-weight solution for on-the-go (e.g., shopping) that works well with my planner;
  • Using Next Actions (or Waiting For/etc.) lists within a weekly or monthly calendar spread, without flipping pages back and forth; and
  • Quickly finding a Next Actions list among the pages of my planner, since I have a lot of side tabs.

Introducing a new concept for the D*I*Y Planner kits: the Satellite Action Card. This is a way of addressing all the above, and giving people an option that bridges the gap between the portability of the Hipster PDA and the versatility of a regular planner.

How does it work? Well, it clips in among the pages of your planner (either Classic or A5), so you can put it right in the middle of your spread. The tab sticks out 1/4" on top, so you can easily find it among all the other pages. The construction of the template means you can label it like "Action: NA@Home", "Action: WF@Calls", "Action: Project Materials", "Action: ToDo Sept 28", or even "Action: Groceries". Plus, since it's Hipster PDA size, you can slip it into your stack and take it with you without carrying your full planner (hence the "satellite" part).

There are three different versions included in the package: a 1-up for printing onto single index cards, a 4-up for printing onto card stock and cutting (my preference), and a graphics version for layout in your program of choice.

After printing --there are fronts and backs included-- simply snip the top along the grey lines, and punch it with your regular hole punch by moving it 1/4" up. That's it. (For help printing, see the D*I*Y Planner Hipster PDA Edition Read Me.) Clip it into your planner or make it part of your Hipster PDA: the best of both worlds.

This is a free download (of course), and is subject to the standard legalese. For now, I consider this to be a draft version, so any feedback is very much appreciated.


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Thank you! My @home list is

Thank you! My @home list is the only one I put in the hipster. I played around with punching it for the planner, but didn't like how it disappeared in the pages, this is really neat.


I love how this begins to rationalize using both the mid size and the Hipster. Highly innovative. Good Job!

*After playing with it a day. The difference in the widths of lines between the mid size and the hipster seem to get in my way. It matches well with the one but not with the other. It doesn't look right sitting in my planner.

Snap-in and out

If you reinforce the holes, and cut a small slit (like the ones on the snap in rulers in shop-bought planners) the card can be added and removed without opening the rings of your planner.

Heh...I had this very same

Heh...I had this very same idea occur to me the other day! Whoohoo! :)

My Hipster Mod: The Ultimate Pocket Notebook

That looks great! I

That looks great! I especially like the cover. It would be wonderful if you would share your templates/link in the directory, or upload a kit photograph in the gallery!

This is very cool. I use it

This is very cool. I use it as my Today "marker" which keeps my Next Actions in front of me all the time.

brilliant! very inspired.

brilliant! very inspired. another great idea from diyplanner dot com. thank you.

Extension of idea

I carry a classic, week to view. The to do list actually covers the whole week. Is it possible to extend the satellite page to be as long as a classic page? The other short versions are used as Shopping list, When resources are available and Communication lists. They tier nicely across the three rings, left and right with today marker in between.