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Colorado, USA
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I'm one of those creative types that have 10, 20, hell 50 things going on at once. I'm a true DIY'er and desperately need a site like this. I work as a business analyst in order to support my career as a pro photographer. Maybe with the help of this site, I can get organized enough to quit my day job and persue my passions.

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Well, let's see. I love photography, hiking, camping, fishing (both spin & fly), taking long drives to new places and learning new things. I love most music. I play a mean native american flute. In addition, I play guitar, and the saxophone. I wouldn't consider the nose flute a true instrument, but I have played that before ( my friend Teri tossed mine a long time ago - I guess it is a misunderstood instrument).


I currently live in the State of Colorado and prior to that, I lived in the beehive State of Utah. Originally, I am from the East coast State of Delaware. Yes, this is where Joe Biden is from and no, I do not know him. It is a small state but not that small. I graduated with an Agricultural Engineering Technology degree from the University of Delaware in 1994. I have been in the computer field for most of 1989 through present. There was a brief period that I worked for a craftman painter out of Boulder, CO. I've also owned my own business and worked for commission in automotive industry...Hey, I'm a rennaisance man :)


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