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34 yrears old
Tourism and Hospitality Manager.
engaged to be married.
Love my long haired Dachsund Jordan
Live in the blue mountains of my state.
I'm smart and witty
I'm also very easily distracted and have trouble reforming new habits and breaking old ones!

Hobbies and Interests

The Internet is my playstation.. I surf alot which is how i stumbled on your site.
I study, and it interests me
I'm studying Management theory and wondering hoew to make it work in the real world


born in camperdown childrens hospital inner city sydney australia
Under acheiver at school- heaps of ptential but lack alot of life motivation-inherited knowledge-motivation or reasons to be motivated.
Went into business as a roofer and went out of business 2 years later(no capitol) got a bar job and progressed quickly in to management I now like people but hate having to serve them!
Hospitality is now my life buti would like to make a change.


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