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Houston, Texas, USA
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I'm a web developer, drawn to paper planners by my poor mental organizational skills and my love of fountain pens. I've been doing GTD (or at least GTDish things) since December of 2004, and I moved to the D*I*Y Planner in August of 2005.

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Fountain pens, military history, personal organization, procrastination fighting, being a good husband and father... and web development (I'm living on Windows, sadly).


My first experience with any kind of planning system was in 1997, when my then-job sent me to a Franklin Quest (pre-Covey) seminar. My job at the time (computer programming) didn't have a lot of meetings and appointments in it, so the calendar-based Franklin day planner didn't work well for me. I tried the planner a couple of times in later jobs, with some success when I was working for a startup -- I even migrated to the letter-size planner to keep track of projects, meetings, and reference information.

In more recent times, lack of productivity eventually led me to GTD, and I built my system around a Moleskine pocket notebook. After eight months of that, I saw that I wanted a little more planning and a lot more record-keeping and reference, so I'm back to a paper planner again, using Doug's D*I*Y Planner pages and tweaking as I go along.

In late 2006, I took serious action against procrastination and started a Yahoo Group called TheNowHabit to discuss ways to overcome procrastination and keep those ways on my mind. Come join us if you like!


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