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Northeast Ohio, United States
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"'A catastrophe curve is what my life runs along. I survive and prosper because a large number of things amazingly fail to go wrong, My days turn into weeks which form months to create years because of angst and redemption, hatred and love, friendship and betrayal, nerves and the nagging twitch of cowardice denied.
This happens all the time.
"This isn't cheese. This is opera. If you wanted a quiet retirement, Mr Bucket, you shouldn't have bought the Opera House. You should have done something peaceful, like alligator dentistry." Abridged and Abused from Masquerade by Sir Terry Pratchett.

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Oggling my wife when she tries on a new pair of jeans (Sorry ladies :) and, er gentlemen ;)
Navigating the 100 ton freight ship "My Brain 1.0" through tight harbors of fragile china and explosive charges. Being smart is great, but rarely easy.


I was born...and then lived some...haven't died yet. And, no, death is not scheduled in my Day Runner!


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