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I run a growing business. And use a personal planner that took me lots of research, study, sweat, tears, blood, heart and soul to develop. It will be for sale in a few months for $1000.00 USD.

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I can't go a day without learning something. Philosphy is the love of wisdom. And I love it. I have an unstopable desire to help people. However I won't give any handouts. Not even a dollar.

I enjoy competition and try to engage in it be it through martial arts, billards, paintball, and/or pickup art. I unfortunately don't watch any TV. But I love the movies. And I especially love food. It really is true, "The way to a man's heart is his stomach."

In terms of women, I am crazy about them, however they have proven to be the biggest waste of my precious time and I fail to see any useful reasons of having a relationship with them at this time of my life. But a woman who wants to wake up early, and be healthy, and eat good food, and work hard without demanding too much time out of me(and teach me dancing) will be worth dating.

I am getting into wood working and look forward to building the furnishings in my world as soon as I can find some time to start it!

I want to learn spanish, chinese, and how to dance!


"Bad boy" was the major de-affirmation I recived as a very young child. And grew up with a damaged self esteem and a shy personality. But thankfully it gave me that "go it alone" point of view for a long enough time to inspire me to always seek self empolyment. After highschool I moved onto college and began my studies to become a dentist. To pay for everything my father and I started a dental lab where we fabricated crowns and bridges.
Since then my father has moved to florida and I lost interest in destistry, however I still run the lab on my own in NJ. Currently I am expanding the business to a national level and am working on another business plan revolved around helping people.


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