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Baltimore (Sovereign Neighborhood of Canton), MD
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I'm a full-time freelance writer. My writing arsenal includes a bunch of fountain pens and rollerballs, a couple portable typewriters, an overworked Mac PowerBook. I write in a Lee Valley journal and on three blogs, which is way too many. I've made my own pocket notebooks since grade school and I'm a recent convert to Rollabind/Circa and the awesome majesty of the 3x5 card.

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Writing, thinking about writing, making lists of things to write, kicking myself for not writing more, making plastic scale models instead of writing, watching Battlestar Galactica instead of writing, and reading about the history of technology (particularly buoyant flight) instead of writing about it.


Born in Connecticut, grew up in Los Alamos and Santa Fe, New Mexico, and now a resident of Baltimore, "The City That Used to Read." Trained as an archivist and historian, for the past six-odd years I've made a living as a freelance writer and editor for a wide range of clients in the DC-Balto region.


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