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Utah, USA
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I'm a music student who started as a general (i.e. undecided) student, then switched to English, then to philosophy (for pre-law), then got a taste of law office work and decided that music was much more attractive. I administer a web server for a small group (a job I'm trying hard to get away from), and I occasionally write nonsense or teach people how to do stuff on the guitar that, if the universe were really a fair place, we would all just "get." But I'm a bit biased in that, so maybe you'd best not listen.

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I like most anything outdoors away from people and engines, I enjoy reading and writing, could make a hobby of philosophy, am fascinated by music, ideas, and shiny things, and enjoy spending money more than I ought to.


I had a trying childhood; I was born at a very young age. I did so badly in school that I once failed a blood test. I've relocated so many times that I have to take off my shoes to count them. I wore out lots of shoes this way.
Seriously, do you really want to know about my life? Born in California, raised mostly in Utah, Mormon background (and yes, I have been saved, but thank you for asking), served a two-year religious mission in the Southeast, came back from there and have been in school to date. (By that I mean I have been in school to this day, not that I went to school to get dates. But if you're female and interested OR you have a cute sister in her 20s... :)


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