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Bay Area, CA
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Addicted to planners, notebooks, office & art supplies. I used a Palm device for years but eventually got tired of the batteries always being dead when I needed it most and the lack of flexibility. Switched back to a Personal size Filofax about 4 years ago, and went right back to making my own pages as well.

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Crafts, knitting, reading


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In college I used a modified Cornell note taking method, and a time blocking planning system some guy taught us in a GATE class integrated into a Filofax size planner that was a Frankenstein effort of self-made pages and products from different companies.

Out of school, I started with Day-Timer because that's what my company provides for free (even the coveted hole punch), although for a short time my insane supervisor wanted us to use a plain notepad which she actually monitored. When I became a magazine editor in 1995, I began using the Levenger Pocket Briefcase for product demos because it allowed me to take notes while standing at trade shows and conferences. From '97 to '03 I used a few Palm devices before switching back to Filofax. In grad school I mostly used MS OneNote for all my note taking and class material management.

Recently I have switched back to taking business notes on 3x5 cards or slips.


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