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Jaymi seeks to push the limits of traditional thought. She strives to find the balance between work and play and everything in between. She reads tarot and dances to cacophony that is industrial music.

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paper, art, destroying books (aka altering books and assemblage art), reading, writing fiction and non-fiction, walking a fine balance between home chaos and organization, wabi sabi, and industrial and gothic music.


Jaymi does weird things to books and planners. She tears them apart, creates new signatures and paints in them. In addition to using them to write stories, draw and keep track of her crafty and spiritual adventures. By day, she's the great enabler; at night, her muse takes over and she makes stuph. She fell in love with books at a very early age and discovered the intricate mix between crayons and books soon after. She lives in the pacNW with her husband and 4 cats.


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