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Thirtysomething multi-effing-tasking fifteen minutes to places!

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I work in the theater. I read 10Qs for fun. I eat out too often. I love well-crafted house music. How the hell did I get this bald? Is she married? When a Volvo wagon sleeps, does it dream about being a Ford Crown Vic?


Raised on a diet of Captain Kangaroo, Black Sabbath, and Peter Frampton, blowncue went on to survive a childhood spent in Camaros with babysitters with feathered hair who were getting high, and an adolescence filled with smart-ass children of professors who also were getting high...all without getting high.

Blowncue has danced with a lot of people and watched a lot of people die. Everything is connected, just about everything's infected, and babysitters in Camaros is the 50,000 ft. goal.


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