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Having owned a computer since 1998, I’ve been online and tinkering with computers quite awhile. Upon being introduced to GTD via the Productivity In Context blog & Stephen Smith, I have found that I have a very strong personal desire to help those around me become more productive which in turn helps them to lead a better life. In my RSS feeds I read daily, I get great ideas that trigger thoughts for interesting topics to discuss on my blog!

I’d really like to help you become as productive and organized as you can be! If you need more personal attention, please feel free to go to my blog. We all have something to learn from one another, don’t you think?

You can also feel free to email me at any time if you have further questions about me or anything that I do.


In her former life, Kris was a retail manager for many fast food and retail chains. Being organized and able to produce, she was sent around from business to business to organize them and bring them into the black. She has dealt with many a challenge, including customer growth, employee restructuring as well as bring red stores into the “black” and profitable.

In her current life, she was pushed into school by someone who thought her to be wasting her talents on the retail realm. Now she is degreed in computer aided drafting and design, and currently employed by a Fortune 100 company in another organizational capacity. She has the responsibility of organizing and restructuring the corporations’ entire plant history, which includes government aerospace defense contracts, ITAR controlled equipment, and daily maintenance processes. She is responsible for both digital and tactile medias.

Kris, being the child of a hoarder, has grow up her entire life organizing things around her: it is as natural to her as breathing. With over twenty-five years experience, she is honored to offer you her services, in this time of need for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. She can step into any situation , assess it, and determine both the quickest and most productive way to come to an organized solution. Kris is both an expert and professional in her field. Her ability to Get Things Done and teach you how to do it is amazing. She will work with you as long as you need, is always professional and treats each customer with the utmost confidentiality.


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